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Riber Products, Dive Kayak

The Riber Products Dive Kayak is our patented solution for all divers; no longer do you have to make do with a boat designed for Kayakers. Now with the Riber Products Dive Kayak there is a boat specifically designed with the needs of the diver in mind.

The Riber Dive Kayak has a unique drop down shelf for air tank removal and includes an anchor for securing the craft whilst on dives. Always with safety in mind this craft comes complete with an international dive flag to ensure you ar as visible as possible at all times.

Features also include two bucket hatches which not only keep your belongings dry but can also be locked with a padlock when you are away from your boat (padlock not included). The 'bucket' style of the hatches means that even wth a hatch open and a rogue wave, you will not flood the boat.

This Dive Kayak also includes a polycarbonate port hole, thisallows you to have your very own 'Glass Bottom Boat' so you can easily see below before deciding to make your dive. The Riber Dive Kayak is fitted with a number of handles in order to make it as easy as possible to get back into the boat after a dive.

The Riber Products Dive Kayak is made from a robust roto-moulded polyethelyne, this product is built to last and is covered by a full twelve month manufacturer's warranty.

Dive Kayak, from Riber Products
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